What does Hashar mean?

Hashar is a part of Afghan’s old tradition, which the term “Hashar” is used to solve a problem through the efforts of a group of people that they face in their area.

Normally, Hashar happens by a group of more than 10 people having a lot of positive outcomes in a very short amount of time.

About Hashar VOLUNTEERING Platform

Hashar is a division of Tamveel (impact investing platform) that promotes the culture of volunteerism, where we gather a pool of volunteers and identifies a key problem in a specific area, to assign a number of volunteers according to their skills for solving that problem. We believe that society needs the power of youths for solving the social and environmental problems and our contributions through Hashar can bring a lot of positive changes.

Our targeted sectors

Health Care
Community Betterment
Women Empowerment

Our Partners

Benefits to volunteers

We believe that knowledge, network, experience, support and helping each other is more beneficial and valuable than financials, at Hashar we provide the following support for our volunteers:

Partial scholarship in local private universities in Kabul and
Leadership opportunities

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